Hot Wheels: Rift Rally

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is a fast-paced mixed reality racing experience in partnership with Mattel. Users can create courses throughout their home as custom tracks and experience the course on their screen through the physical car's camera.

Target Audience: Ages 6+

Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 & iOS

UI/UX Design • Animation • Game Design • Iconography

UI/UX Design


Game Design

User Flow

Activity Selection

I designed the HUD UI which includes iconography for in-game collectibles and currency, the firmware status widget and the map node popup panel for the activities.

Each node on the map had it’s own objectives that would reward the player with collectibles and currency.

I also animated the elements of the panel so that the timing and unlocks felt rewarding.

Reward Moment

For first time user experience, when the player is able to complete an objective, they receive a ‘reward moment’ with messaging that explains the reward and its use.

Once the ‘reward moment’ is over, the player is taken back to the results panel that shows that reward has been unlocked and objective completed.

I wireframed two different lofi 'reward moment' flows and we essentially went with Option 2.

Option 1 Wireframes

Option 2 Wireframes

Final High Fidelity Designs

Results Panel

The design and animations for the post-race results panel.

In-Game Messaging

In-game chyrons, messaging and animations.

Multiplayer Lobby

The multiplayer flow and lobby were designed to provide players with the ability to join another player's game and challenge their friends online.

I wanted to make sure that all 4 (max) players were recognizable and that the host player stood out. I decided to assign different colors to each player and create a controller icon that would display next to the host's name.

The host could change their car and stats at any time while waiting for players to ready up. The other player's could change their car and stats as well.

User Flow

High Fidelity Design

Settings Menu

Full high fidelity design for the Settings/Pause menu.


Overall style, UI elements, currency and collectibles and firmware widget designed for the game.