Disney's Frozen: Arendelle's Winter Festival

UI/UX Design • Wireframes • 2D Art & Animation • Game Design • Interaction Design • Iconography • User Testing

UI Design



The Global UI designs show the overall visual language of the game.

I worked with another UI designer in keeping consistent with Disney’s 'Frozen' brand style. We utilized some provided patterns and snowflake designs and incorporated those into some elements of the user interface.

User Interface

Users can keep track of the badges they've gained from completing the activities. Various badges were designed for this menu.

Badge Menu

Minigame UI

Icons were crafted to represent each activity. I wanted these to be stylized differently from the badge icons since they were shown before and after a player goes into a minigame.

I designed the HUD for the ice skating math minigame and the states for the timer.

The jewelry making minigame featured various jewelry types that I designed and digitally painted as assets. The user could drag and place various snowflakes on hotspots to make their own custom designs.

The shapes minigame was a pretty simple layout that involved stylized shapes that the player had to drag and match to help Elsa create ice sculptures of her friends.

I digitally illustrated the prizes that players could win when completing minigames. These had to be rendered in a way that would fit within 'Frozen' but also look like Nordic-style toys.



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