Big Heart Kids: Activity Books

'Big Heart Activity Books' is a series of 3 interactive activity-based mobile apps based on the characters of Big Heart World. Each book has 4 main activities to complete in order for kids to see the payoff music video and get access to the photo album. Some activity interactions are shared and others are specific to a book's learning objectives.

Target Audience: Ages 3-6

Platform: Mobile

UI/UX Design • Wireframes • 2D Art • Game Design • Interaction Design • Art Direction • User Testing

2D Art

User Testing

Art Direction

Game Design

UI/UX Design

I was the sole Interactive Designer on these projects and designed all storyboards, wireframes, polished UI and interaction states for all 3 books. I worked with the producer to determine the design of all interactions and the flow within the context of the narrative. Additionally, I worked closely with the research team to ensure UX goals were met through user testing for both care-givers and children.

Below you will find examples of just some of the interaction design and UI for each book, as well as some wireframes and storyboards which reflect the initial process.

My Role

The Design Process

User Flow


The tutorial is a cutscene designed to be a simple and quick review of UI elements. Players can access this cutscene again on the Main Menu if they become stuck.

In game, if the player is stuck, they can tap the Nick Jr. character in the top left for narrated help. Additionally, this UI element has several states for when the character is talking, giving a hint or when the user makes a correct answer.

Main Menu

The Main Menu UI provides a very simplistic navigation for children with clear states displaying activity progress. On replay, the album and payoff video buttons become available.

Drawing Activity

The drawing activity had subtle differences for each book based on the narrative but the interactions were essentially the same.

I created various drawing tools and textures so that tools varied for replayability. I worked with the research team to test and select colors that met inclusivity standards.

Wireframe sketches for the drawing interaction

Matching Activity

Layout, UI and interaction design of the matching interaction. For Book 1, since the activity heavily relied on facial emotions, I created sketches of all of the Nick Jr. characters in several poses with different emotions for user testing.

Reveal Activity

For the reveal interaction, players use a swipe mechanic to uncover a picture in order to continue the narrative.

High Fidelity sketches for the reveal interaction

Paint By Number Activity

This activity allows the user to select a color in order to fill in the corresponding colors to reveal the image by using the drawing interaction. When a color is selected, only boxes marked with that number can be colored in.